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About Us

Founded in 2013, PXID focuses on the design and development of light travel tools.

PXIDcommits to providing customers with comprehensive solutions from product concept design to market introduction,and the design field covers product modeling design, structural engineering design, human-machine interface design, product PI design and image design of transportation tools.Understanding the nature of people, technology and brands and constantly innovating under their drive is the soul of PX industrial design.

PXID continuously helps enterprises to innovate and win the market.From children to the elderly, normal people to the disabled, PXID focuses on and studies their travel problems. The service products include: children's mobility vehicle, balance vehicle, electric scooter, electric bicycle, elderly mobility vehicle, wheelchair for the disabled, mini electric vehicle, etc.

Make short videos on Tik Tok

Offer reasonable Tik Tok operation scheme according to customer demand, specialized in shooting and making short videos. The professional Tik Tok operation team who has more than 10 years relevant experience will serve you.

Production creative video

Deeply explore product feature and users’ pain points, combine creative content with application scenario tightly. Make each product introduction video refreshingly to catch users’ eye rapidly, thereby raising concern and conversion.

Brand creative video

Explore brand connotation on international design level, consider conveying brand conception from enterprises’ and users’ perspective.

PXID Video Production-Product Video Production

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