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Electric Scooter Laws NSW


Riding an electric scooter (e-scooter) is currently illegal unless on private property in New South Wales.

So far as NSW is concerned, it is perfectly legal for retailers to sell e-scooters. However, it’s against the law for retailers to sell e-scooters (or any product or service) based on misleading or incorrect information to consumers. In fact, retailers who sell products on misleading or deceptive practices like this can face up to a $10m fine (for body corporates or up to $500,000 for an individual).

Unfortunately, technology is advancing so fast, that the law is having trouble keeping up.

Electric Scooter Laws NSW

It is currently prohibited to ride an escooter in Sydney or anywhere in NSW on a road.

The NSW Road Rules, namely rule 240(2)(c) specifically prohibits a person from travelling in or on a wheeled recreational device, including an e-scooter, on a road at any time if the scooter is either wholly or partly assisted in being propelled by means other than human power.

It is therefore illegal to ride an electric scooter on a road if the scooter is powered by electricity.

A breach of this rule carries an on-the-spot fine (penalty notice) of $78. If a person who receives this fine decides to court elect, then the court has the discretion to impose a penalty of up to $2,200. If the court dismisses the matter, no further penalty will be imposed putting an end to the case (this occurs if the court returns a ‘not guilty’ verdict or imposes a section 10 penalty even after a person pleads guilty in court).

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